Energy meter EM4T II

EM4T II (Energy Meter For Traction) - the second generation of universal on-board energy meters for all international rail networks


LEM has upgraded the second generation of universal energy meters for electric traction units with authorization for billings: the EM4T II series.

In its basic single-phase version, the EM4T II energy meter can be used in all existing rail networks (600V to 3000V DC, 15kV / 16,7Hz and 25kV / 50Hz AC). It is a multi-network energy meter able to measure both AC and DC currents and can therefore be used for cross-border traffic.

The EM4T II+ complies with requirements of EN 50463-x:2017 & EN 50155 standards for metering and on-board use. EM4TII complies of EN 50463-x:2012 and will be available for ongoing projects and repair. The input variables (current and voltage) are connected to the EM4T II series measuring circuits via differential input designed for connection of all current sensors and voltage sensors / transformers currently available on the market.

The energy values are collected and stored in load profiles (CEBD Data). The measured data recordings contain details such as date, time, events such as network change, train numbers, frequency… The EM4T II is available in accuracy class 0,5R.


  • Accuracy <0.5R according to EN 50463-2
  • Can be utilized with power supplies (24V and 110V DC nominal)
  • 4 input channels for metering of both AC and DC signals of any existing traction network (600V DC to 3kV DC, 15kV AC 16,7Hz, 25kV AC 50Hz)
  • Data recording according to EN 50463-x: EM4TII 2012 / EM4TII+ 2017
  • Measurement of consumed and regenerated active and reactive energy
  • Timeframe for storing the load profiles between 1 to 15 minutes
  • RS232, RS422 or RS485 type interface for data communication (via modem or local (protocol IEC 62056-21))
  • Input for GPS receiver (option)
  • IP 65

Download EM4TII+ Manual