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The rail industry is constantly evolving. Privatization of rail networks brought new requirements such as rail maintenance with the monitoring of points (switches) machines or signaling conditions. LEM can help to meet these standards thanks to new families of transducers.

LEM provides the same control and protection signals for both on-board applications and wayside substations.



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Main applications for Trackside:

To minimize train service interruptions due to equipment breakdown and to reduce lifecycle costs, it is key to do a preventive maintenance of crucial track equipment (points, crossing gates, signaling, rails...). Online monitoring helps to take the required preventive actions before abnormalities lead to failures.

For exemple, the current of the electric motor of a point machine can be measured by a transducerand monitored. Any variation from the normal current waveform indicates an early warming of equipment failure that will require preventive maintenance. A quick scheduled maintenance intervention will allow not to interrupt the rail traffic for a lot of costs saving.

Typical applications for Trackside:

  • Track objects monitoring
  • Points machines
  • Tracks curcuits
  • Crossing gates
  • Sub-stations (circuit breaker for transformers...)
  • Control and safety systems

Products for Trackside


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Certificates and standards

LEM transducers are CE marked in recognition of their electromagnetic compatibility and their compliance to EMC standards. Their reference standard is EN 50155 for the electrical performance and environmental constraints as well as EN 50124-1 for creepage and clearance distances design versus the required insulation levels.

Our head office in Geneva, LEM SA, is IRIS certified since September 2007. This certification will soon become a real system of reference for the market players. IRIS will supplement the ISO 9001 certification principles with the specific needs for the traction and trackside market demands.

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