HSTDR - Automotive current sensor

Best-in-class flexible design to measure current in automotive traction inverters

Open loop Hall based

Measure up to ±1,500 A in automotive traction inverters

Automotive traction inverters are getting more and more compact, and more and more powerful. Limited space, cross talk from busbars getting closer, noise caused by high voltage fast switching are all challenges that the HSTDR is able to address. While traditional C-core sensors are rather bulky because they need a large aperture to slide onto complex busbars, the new LEM HSTDR with integrated busbar can be placed easily anywhere in the inverter with a package up to 75% smaller. Despite its small size, the LEM HSTDR current sensor is able to measure accurately up to 1500A without saturation. Also, the core design with small airgap offers an excellent protection against cross talk.

An integrated busbar for a small footprint and a high performance


LEM HSTDR is the latest development in the HSxDR family.

Its design with an integrated busbar allows to shrink the aperture of the magnetic core and to significantly reduce size and weight of the sensor compared to a traditional C-core sensor.

The HSTDR is only 29x21x12mm for 27g while it can measure up to 1500 A with an excellent immunity against cross talk thanks to an air gap comparable to C-shape cores.

HSTDR, A highly flexible design for EV traction inverters

  • Optimized footprint, weight and cost
  • Easy to integrate thanks to a design with integrated busbar
  • A fully calibrated package (core + busbar + sensing element) for a faster time to market
  • Great performance (measuring range increased +50% compared to LEM HSNDR, best in class accuracy)

HSTDR Main features

Sensor Package
  • Open loop Hall Effect current sensor.
  • Measuring range up to ±1,500 A.
  • < 3.5% global accuracy over temperature and lifetime.
  • > 40kHz bandwidth with 3μs fast response time. 
  • 16.5mm creepage with PLC3
  • For busbar mounting with connector
  • Flexible busbar design
  • -40°C to 125°C Automotive qualified 



Click here to download HSTDR datasheet  


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HSTDR belongs to the HSxDR series

Discover the other members of the family:  
  • HSNDR  has dual range capabilities, offering different calibration ranges or redundancy


  • HAM250  is a unique sensor with very high bandwidth above 500 MHz



Compare features on HSTDR, HSNDR, HAM in the chart below



LEM proposes a full range of single phase or multiphase sensors for automotive motor control and energy conversion.


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